There’s no shortage of compelling reasons to consider Hill Rogers as the next destination in your career journey. However for many of the aspiring graduates and young professionals we meet, one of the most dynamic opportunities stems from our partnership with the Morison KSi global network.

Morison KSi was created following the 2016 merger between KS International and Morison International. Today it’s a rapidly-growing international association of leading professional service firms, serving the cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and consulting needs of thousands of clients each year. Currently the network comprises more than 160 member firms in over 85 countries, including Hill Rogers right here in Australia.

As John Wilcox, Executive Chairman at Hill Rogers, explains, “The partnership with Morison KSi delivers a host of strategic benefits for the firm, both domestically and internationally. But the opportunities also extend very much to our team members, particularly those with a passion to broaden their professional expertise and contact networks in overseas markets. For selected individuals, it provides some truly outstanding career opportunities. I just wish it existed when I was starting out!”

By way of example, Steve Kim, an Audit and Assurance Supervisor at Hill Rogers, has recently returned to Sydney following a three-month secondment with the Atlanta-based business advisory firm, Aprio, also a Morison KSi network member. As Steve explains it was a career-changing, and in many ways life-changing, experience.

“Hill Rogers has had a global secondment program with member firms of KS International for some years,” Steve said on his return from the USA. “But with the merger of Morsion International and KS International in April 2016 the opportunity arose to establish new relationships with member firms of Morison International. With John Wilcox’s support I was privileged to be given the opportunity to be part of Aprio’s Assurance Division, working as an Assurance Secondee for three months, starting in January 2017.”

The secondment provided Steve with a wealth of opportunities right across the Aprio business. “Aprio has a structured program whereby the program co-ordinator scheduled work in a way that maximised my exposure to different industries, audit team compositions and locations,” Steve explained. “My role also varied dependent on the team composition and client type.”

During his three month stay in Atlanta, Steve was able to work in client industries ranging from manufacturing to multinational software providers, entertainment and media, financial intermediaries and subsidiaries of several well known global brands.

“From my formal induction and training (two weeks) to performing financial statement audits, no week could be said to have been repetitive or boring!” he said, before pointing out some of the most valuable learnings from his stay. “The experience with Aprio provided the impetus to really reassess my career path. It gave me a fresh perspective on where I can improve with respect to my position at Hill Rogers and also how I can add further value to the firm. From a technical standpoint, the training and two months of audit fieldwork greatly assisted in solidifying the knowledge I’ve obtained at Hill Rogers.”

Steve was also pleasantly surprised at the ease with which he was able to adjust to his new working environment in Atlanta. “In most ways I found a typical working day at Aprio was no different to working here at Hill Rogers. This again reaffirmed that the learnings and opportunities at Hill Rogers are very much in line with the large US-based public accounting firms, which is great to know from a longer-term career perspective.”

Away from his time at Aprio, Steve was also able to explore the local area and enjoy the social side of Atlanta life. “The people are amazing. Southern hospitality is real and has left a lasting impression on me, greater than any other location I’ve had the opportunity to visit. If I had to choose one thing to recommend to visitors, it would definitely be the local breweries within the greater Atlanta region. But really, I can’t recommend the whole experience highly enough. It was a fantastic opportunity and I feel very privileged to have had it.”

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