Over a decade ago a young cricketer at the Australian Cricket Academy was approached to bat whilst the Australian team were practising in the nets nearby. The team’s fast bowlers were asked to try and bowl out the 16 year old star of the future.

With little success after a long and tiring session, the bowlers realised this teen cricketer had talent. The cricketer was, Ricky Ponting, who surpassed Allan Border as the highest ever test run scorer for Australia in July 2009.

Running a successful business is no different in some ways to being an elite sports person; you need to not only work hard but also closely with your professional advisers to ensure you and your business remains at the top of the game.

Create MORE value in your business

Our professional advisers can assist with a Value Gap Analysis that will greatly enhance the probability of protecting and growing your business value in these uncertain times. The Program pinpoints opportunities for you to maximise your business value.

For example:

Your current business value $1,000,000

Opportunity for value improvement $250,000**

Your potential future value $1,250,000

The Program is an assessment of your 70 key business value drivers that will make it easier for you and our advisers to identify key strategies to improve your business value.

Questionnaire Value Drivers (sample) Questionnaire Value Improvement Strategies (sample)
Benchmarking Does your business’ average customer sale exceed industry standards?
Cash Flow Do you offer incentives to customers for early payment of their account?
Profit Have you examined your sales mix to improve gross profit margins?
Risk Do you have adequate insurance to provide for your family or payout a business partner or family member, if circumstances change?
Sales Do your sales reports accurately identify unprofitable product/service lines or customer accounts?
Staff Do you reward staff with a share of sales and/or profits if they achieve above budget performance?
Succession Planning Does your business succession plan lock in your top performer(s) so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy?


Ricky Ponting has achieved success from focusing, committing and taking on advice from influential people to improve the way he plays the game of cricket.

Ask our Accountants or Financial Advisers to provide you with a Value Gap Analysis so you can start developing your ‘game plan’ to achieve the same success.

* Risk and Value Driver Assessment, part of Bstar’s Capitalisation Rate Calculator for professional advisers.

** Result determined by completing a Value Gap Analysis using Bstar’s Business Capitalisation Rate Calculator.

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