From since I can remember, the women in my family have shown me strength and inspiration through love and courage. My grandmother was a true inspiration, she came to Australia as an immigrant not being able to speak or understand English, with nothing in her pockets, and created a full life for all of her family. My Mother is a powerhouse of strength and continues to inspire me, my Sister is always brave and courageous enough to be herself.

Now as a mother to a daughter, I hope to instil in her some of the same strength and inspiration that I have learnt from the women in my life. Today times are changing, it’s tough to carve out time for the simple, yet important things in life that don’t revolve around technology, our working week and social activities – but as an optimist – I believe that nothing is impossible, if you want it enough, and you work hard enough. I’m therefore, passionate about making the world a better place for her and all young women. I want her to see and trust that all her dreams can come true and help her be brave enough to reach out with both hands and achieve them.

At Hill Rogers we are focused on ‘meaningful connections’. This is because we genuinely care about our clients and staff, and are determined to make a meaningful difference to their success today, and ensure they are equipped for success in the future. We are continually transforming our processes by creating flexible work arrangements and mentoring to engage and support our teams.

As a nation, it’s important for us to be aware of gender gaps and to show leadership in our industry by supporting the wonderful women we work with. To celebrate and honour International Women’s Day, I personally pledge to #BeBoldForChange by making time to mentor talented women to give them the courage and self belief that they are able to excel in their chosen careers, and fulfil their dreams.

I want to be part of the movement that actions change for women today and in the future. I would value the time to hear your pledge to #BeBoldForChange, please get in touch with me here.