Corporate Social Responsibility

Hill Rogers is committed to being a responsible corporate organisation and strive to make this ever-present in our corporate culture. Putting people first and concern for the wider community is part of our philosophy. The Hill Rogers strategy is built upon equality and inclusion and we encourage our employees to effect positive social change.

As well as maintaining high standards of integrity and ethics in our corporate work, Hill Rogers seeks to help individuals in the community by providing access to the tools they need to be educated, healthy and productive members of society.

Community Impact

In recent years Hill Rogers has supported the following initiatives:

Stepping Stone House (SSH)

  • SSH is a not-for-profit organisation providing medium to long term accommodation and development for young people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or living away from home. Hill Rogers continually supports SSH throughout the year so that they can provide the vital services to disadvantaged young people in Sydney. Hill Rogers donates gifts, equipment and services to ensure the young people have a memorable Easter and Christmas each year.

Biggest Morning Tea

  • Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is Cancer Council Australia’s most popular and largest fundraising event, which raises funds and awareness for research, prevention, education and support. A Hill Rogers “bake off” is held internally, where funds are donated to indulge in the treats created by staff.

Jeans for Genes Day

  • Jeans for Genes is run by the Children’s Medical Research Institute to fund research that helps diagnose, understand and find cures or treatments for conditions affecting children, including genetic disease, cancer and epilepsy. Hill Rogers run a fundraiser each year to help contribute to this worthy cause.

Australian Red Cross

  • The Australian Red Cross is a not-for-profit organisation that provide relief in times of crisis and care when it is needed most. Regularly, Hill Rogers staff volunteer their time to donate blood, plasma and platelets to help people from all walks of life who need blood products.

The Deli

  • The Deli seeks to ensure that women, children and families, particularly those affected by domestic violence, are happy, healthy, safe and resilient; and able to participate in connected and strong families and communities. Hill Rogers donates all proceeds received from the sale of Entertainment Books each year to The Deli.

The Shepherd Centre, a ‘First Voice’ centre

  • The Shepherd Centre has been changing the face of services for children’s hearing loss in Sydney and wider NSW, as well as the ACT. They provide children with hearing loss with the tools they need to learn, listen and speak. Hill Rogers participates in Loud Shirt Day to raise awareness and collect donations.

R U OK? Day

  • R U OK? is an organisation that encourages everyone to meaningfully connect with and support those struggling with life through conversation. R U OK? provides people with resources, conversation tips and information to remind people that we’ve all got what it takes to make a difference if we Ask, Listen, Encourage action and Check in. On R U OK? day, Hill Rogers organises a lunch and shows informational videos to promote awareness and understanding of the cause. Staff are encouraged to check in with each other through conversation to mark the day.


Environmental protection is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. We run our business and encourage our team to minimise the impact on the environment through:

  • Recycling office waste – including printer cartridges with Cartridges 4 Planet Ark
  • Reducing single-use plastic waste by supplying clients and employees with reusable water bottles and keep cups
  • Minimising power usage
  • Incorporating paperless technologies, systems and processes
  • Purchasing recycled or reusable office supplies

Hill Rogers believes in meeting the needs of people today without compromising the development opportunities of future generations.