Business ‘growth’ for ‘growth’s sake’ and without a plan can be deeply flawed.

Throughout the journey of a business, there will be inevitable plateaus where company directors look to leverage profit to invest in additional capacity and capability. Businesses need experienced guidance to ensure those decisions are made in a timely and efficient manner.

What was the background of the project?

Adhesive was founded in Australia by Mike Maurice. After leaving large networked agency roles he shared the goal of taking his learnings and experience to craft a distinctive communications and events offering for clients.

Since founding the agency in 2012, Adhesive has recorded year-on-year growth and expanded their footprint globally. Organic growth and professional excellence has allowed them to succeed. But Adhesive continues to face disruptive market conditions that make their next big move important to get right.

What was the client’s objective?

Although Mike Maurice and the team had a wealth of industry experience, when it came to setting up and running the business, they knew they needed the expertise of an advisory firm to guide them through the process. Adhesive was referred to Hill Rogers and years later we continue to provide guidance as the business expands.

What was the solution?

Since 2012, Hill Rogers’ primary role has been to advise Adhesive at a Business and strategic level, forming the foundation for us to give pro-active advice and practical insights.

Our services have extended to:

  • Forum for discussion and feedback in respect of business strategies, processes and problem solving
  • Business growth and development advice
  • Structuring for taxation and asset protection
  • Cash flow projections
  • Tax advice and planning
  • Personal wealth strategies
  •  Superannuation strategies
  • Australian compliance affairs oversight
  • Annual reporting requirements
  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Payroll obligations and bookkeeping

This has allowed Adhesive to flourish and expand their business beyond their Australian office. Over the years, Hill Rogers has been able to offer experienced, independent perspectives on each major business initiative the agency has undertaken including the setting up and structuring of their new offices in Auckland and London. For ease of reporting and cost reduction, both Adhesive’s overseas accounts teams report in to Hill Rogers in Sydney, Australia.

Every business needs good data to make decisions, manage costs and understand where the opportunities lie. The need for good systems became paramount in supporting their 5 year plan.

We are helping our client focus on the following areas:

  • Defining ‘purpose’ for the agency
  • Human resources strategy and processes to ensure recruitment of the right people
  • A structured business development role and focus on pipeline
  • Implementation of processes to ensure consistent delivery of work with less reliance on owners.

In the coming years Adhesive plan to continue their growth and expansion and Hill Rogers will continue delivering reliable and sound financial and business advice to further the meaningful difference we’re making.

What were the results?

By the end of June 2017, Adhesive had grown their gross revenue  by 69% (Year on Year ’17) and together with a substantial growth in bottom line. The agency principals have a clear plan for the future of the agency and a financial road map to help them get there.

For more information contact John Wilcox here.