What was the background of the project?

Through our membership of Morison KSi, we were introduced to Lawton Communications Group – a UK marketing services business looking to establish Sydney offices for one of their agencies, Five by Five. Since they are independently owned by the Lawton family, our focus was on the best structure of the Australian business to benefit the eldest brother who was founding the Sydney outpost. His complex personal situation and interstate dwelling were all factors under consideration.

What was the client’s objective?

The client’s objective was to efficiently establish a presence in a new trading territory and bring their UK and US offering to the Australian market.

What was the solution?

The solution was presented after one face to face consultation and two subsequent phone calls. We established the entity, bookkeeping, payroll and taxation arrangements and provided expert guidance on a share scheme for directors. We also gave proactive advice on government grants available to the business and managed the successful application process on their behalf.

What were the results?

Five by Five opened its doors in September 2015, 3 months after our first meeting. They broke even in their first full year of trading and by July 2017 employed 8 staff.

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