What was the background of the project?

Through our membership with Morison KSi, we were introduced to Fuse Universal Limited. Fuse Universal is a Learning Solutions company based in the UK, founded by Mr Steve Dineen in 2008. It is a cloud based platform that allows individuals to capture and share knowledge, questions and ideas in different formats such as video, audio and text.

What was the client’s objective?

Due to Fuse’s rapid growth, the UK company is looking to expand to Australia and is seeking the advice and guidance of Hill Rogers to develop a solution and structure on how to expand and set up within Australia.

What was the solutions?

At the time of introduction, one of our Director’s, Shani Ford was in London visiting one of our Morison KSi offices. Through multiple consultations with Fuse Universal’s CFO Dylan Davis, Shani and the Hill Rogers’ Corporate Secretarial team were able to successfully establish the Australian entity. This also included assistance with all necessary registrations with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and helping to open up a bank account.

What were the results?

The Australian Company, Fuse Universal Pty Ltd is ready to start business in Australia.

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