Graduation. It’s a significant moment in anyone’s life, a major accomplishment that can never be taken away. Yet while your university parchment is something you should justifiably feel very proud of, what happens next can often have just as big an influence on your professional career, if not even more. This is why my advice to graduates is always the same: think clearly, choose wisely.

Which firm is right for you?

As with any profession, different employers bring different strengths and opportunities for graduates. It makes sense to match these as closely as possible to your own ambitions because getting it right can provide a powerful launch pad, not merely for your first job, but potentially your entire career.

Ensuring graduate compatibility is something we’ve always given a high priority to at Hill Rogers. We know how pivotal it is to the continued success of our clients, our people and, yes, the very future of our business. That’s why we established our Graduate Programme back in 2007 and have been evolving it ever since.

Today, the Hill Rogers Graduate Programme runs for 2 years (as opposed to the industry norm of 12) and has many facets which you’ll find listed at the end of this article. But ultimately it’s anchored in a foundation of shared values, ambitions and opportunities. We work tirelessly to create an environment for our graduates where collaboration, respect and determination are actively fostered and celebrated.

Who is suited to the Hill Rogers Graduate Programme?

To ensure adequate mentoring throughout the Programme, we accept a maximum of four graduates each year. We typically look for graduates with ambition, ingenuity and self-awareness who care enough to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our clients. The way we see things at Hill Rogers we are all leaders, leading all the time – regardless of whether it’s your first year in the profession or your thirtieth! Accordingly, we’ll do everything we can to help you explore your full professional potential, so you can be the very best you can be now and in the years to come, wherever your career takes you.

If this sounds like an opportunity that matches your professional ambitions, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here. To learn more about Hill Rogers you may also like to follow us on LinkedIn.

About Hill Rogers

Hill Rogers is a firm of passionate industry leaders dedicated to making a meaningful impact for our clients both today and in the future. We work with SMEs, large corporates and successful individuals and professionals, advising on domestic and international issues. Our clients range from small businesses and family groups to larger companies, publicly-listed Australian companies, a number of Australian subsidiaries of overseas-based multi-national companies, government and not-for-profits. We are an independent member firm of Morison KSi, a global association of accounting firms formed with the main objective of servicing the national and international business requirements of its member firms, and their clients. Morison KSi is ranked amongst the top 40 international groups in the world. In Australia, Morison KSi has member firms in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Throughout the world KSi has over 375 offices in 87 countries.

About the Hill Rogers Graduate Programme

  • First week induction: technical accounting training (software and systems) with various managers, team leaders and assigned ‘buddies’ (former graduate scheme staff)
  • Second week induction: admin, HR, Marketing and leadership development sessions (includes 2 Directors and an external facilitator)
  • Initial 6 weeks within our Business Solutions team to enhance awareness of the firm’s capability beyond the tax and accounting work they’ve studied for at university
  • Rotations lasting 3-4 months through our various divisions to establish a grounding in every area of our practice
  • Graduates are put through the CA programme after 6 months. Since 2011 we’ve used an external facilitator who delivers 4 half-day sessions per module during working hours, ensuring fresh outside thinking and independent assessment. Study and exam leave is granted and the average pass rate has been 94%
  • Upon successful completion of each module, the graduates are reimbursed (most firms tend to reimburse them at the end of their studies)
  • Our programme now runs for 2 years rather than 12 months because past graduates have felt they were being rotated through departments slightly too quickly
  • Along with all new employees, graduates go through MBTI training. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is used to identify and categorise personality strengths and preferences which impact behaviour. They are also given KOLBE training (examines instinctive modes of operating and communications preferences). This analysis and reporting raises their levels of self-awareness. The results are discussed in a team environment which supports our open and collaborative culture
  • Future international exchange opportunities via our Morison KSi partnership offers our graduates secondments into a number of overseas offices*
  • Graduates are also empowered and actively encouraged to speak at our Twilight Seminars for prospects and clients
  • In the lead up to every new rotation, graduates complete a PMP (Personal Management Plan) and on cThis feedback helps us tweak the Programme and establish their career preferences.

For more information on opportunities with Hill Rogers, get in touch with Chela-Marie here.

*Upon completion of the Chartered Accountant Certification